About me

"Ho per patria il mondo come i pesci hanno il mare"
- Dante Alighieri

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I am pretty much your standard "Italian guy" (from Tuscany, that is): I have a thick accent and strong opinions about food and wine. I might use too much sarcasm and even Italian poets' quotes on my website. I live in Berlin since 2011.

Despite my nerdy background, I consider myself a visual artist stubbornly in search of his main medium of expression. I am an "OK" photographer, I can draw "OK" stuff, and I have a good eye for film photography and design but apparently, I can't naturally express anything better. Shrug.

Work & Tech

I've been a Software Engineer for over 30 years, navigating the waves of the IT industry. Proudly, I've grown with the field, but what excites me the most is that I'm still learning and discovering new things every day, without ever stopping.

I am currently employed at Deutsche Bank in Berlin.

I'm also a passionate free software advocate, user and contributor. Some of my projects are accessible through my Github account (http://github.com/claudioc).

Social media & contacts

Find me on the Fediverse: @[email protected]

Find me on LinkedIn claudiocicali

Find me on Bluesky @caludio.social

Find me on Github claudioc

Find me on Instagram: @claudiocicali

For anything else, the good old email will do (my name and surname @ gmail.com).