A short guide to the WebSummit in Lisbon

This one has been my second year in Lisbon, attending the glaring WebSummit. There are a few things that I consider worth saving for myself or others in preparation for the next year.

  • There are two terminals in Lisbon airport (T1 & T2). You can register to the WebSummit directly from there (Terminal 1). The procedure takes 5 minutes top; I didn’t find any queue…
  • To get to and from the airport you can use the Red line of the metro. The airport is really close to the city, almost embedded in it, so you can get anywhere very fast. Using the taxi it will cost around 10€, but there is a quite long queue
  • Take this hint with a grain of salt, but if you find a place to stay near the metro station Alameda, you will be at the cross of the Green and Red line which is good for going to the summit in the morning (using the Red) and in the city center in the evening (using the Green line)
  • For the metro, just buy the rechargeable card from the machines in any station, put some money into it and enjoy the city. The summit is at the Oriente station
  • If you want to try using the e-scooter to go around, I have seen Lime, Frog, Circ for sure. Lime e-scooters are quite old and cranky. You also cannot park in a big chunk of the city center and beside that, driving an e-scooter in Lisbon is not an easy feat. The speed is locked at 25km/h
  • You very probably want to visit the Timeout Market. It’s amazing
  • The last day of your visit, if you want to bring your luggage to the summit and use their facility for the storage, go there very early (before 9), otherwise you’ll realize in horror that several hundreds of other people have got the same idea at the same time (huge queue). There is a locker room in the Oriente metro station that you can use instead (it’s around 6€ for 4 hours)

Anything you want to add?

Written on November 14, 2019 by Claudio Cicali.

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