How I configure my Gmail desktop app

New job, new laptop, new Gmail? Maybe you will find these two tips useful.

  1. Gmail (desktop): manually set an email as read. This is for me a huge productivity improvement (I already wrote about that in the past); by default, once you tap on an email subject, the email is set to read but this behavior supposes that you are processing that email immediately, somehow. Not my case: I want to keep it unread until I say so. Please note that this tip works only if you use a Preview Pane (I do, split horizontally). Settings ⇨ Preview Pane: Mark a conversation as read ⇨ Never (You can then quickly set an email as read with 'shift + i', archive with 'e', delete with '#')
  2. macOS: change the default location of your screenshots; macOS defaults to saving screenshots on the Desktop, which I find very inconvenient. Hence I create a ~/Screenshots folder and then issue defaults write location /Users/claudioc/Screenshots (the path must be absolute)