What is fun about RegExp

Not everything about Regexp is complicated and boring.

The most controversial topics among software developers are anything related to Regular Expressions. Love them or hate them, if you want to make a successful and debated post among your peers, just throw a question (any question!) about RegExp.

Inevitably, you'll find someone who:

  • tells you to NOT use regexp for your specific use case, and then walks away
  • tells you that you have to use that one single feature you never heard of (something that sounds like "Sloptic reverse questionable accents")
  • tells you that your nice RegExp, the one you are so proud of, won't work on Trusted Xenix 3.0 systems and should be avoided
  • sends you the link to THAT StackOverflow post
  • sends you that xkcd's comic strip
  • tells you a joke about people trying to validate emails with RegExp (that's actually funny)
  • says something about your regexp being "greedy" when in fact they intended "non-greedy" and you spent 3 hours investigating a false problem

And ultimately the problem was, of course, that you left the /gm modifier out.