My new starter kit for HTMX

Yet another starter kit from yours truly; this time we talk HTMX, JSX and Fastify!

I am very happy to release yet another small project! It is, again, a "starter kit" for a Server Side Rendered application that moves away from Expressjs and "old school" templates.

This one:

  • uses Fastify
  • uses JSX on the server for templating
  • uses HTMX for client side UX enhancement
  • uses TypeScript everywhere (because JSX!)
  • uses only a handful of dependencies
  • DOES NOT use React
  • DOES NOT use bundlers (no need!)
  • DOES NOT use ts-node (no need!)

Check it out on Github :)

Oh, and of course, there is also an npm initializer for it, so now to use the starter kit you just need to run npm create fastify-htmx-ts-app my-app. Enjoy

Disclaimer: this project is totally personal and has nothing to do with my current employer.