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  • Visiting Zakynthos in June

    – After having enjoyed a full week on the beautiful Zakynthos island, let me share with you some tips and ideas for your next trip to the island.

  • Visiting Gran Canaria in January

    – After having spent a full week on the Gran Canaria island, I want to share some of my impressions so to give some ideas to future visitors and of course as a journal for the future self.

  • 🇮🇹 I miei primi dieci anni a Berlino

    – No, non inizierò dicendo che "pare ieri" perché non lo pare affatto. Anzi, pare passata proprio una vita intera e sinceramente credo che questa allegoria si possa estendere ad un suo significato ancora più profondo.

  • Effective product development with small engineering teams

    – Small engineering teams working in a startup usually have the luxury to be allowed to try several approaches and ideas towards their main goals, when it comes to product development optimizations: leverage integrations, worship simplicity and maintain cost effectiveness.

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